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Lighting your bathroom with green lighting solutions

Going green is a call that many homeowners follow today. Earth is the only place we have. If we are allowed to contribute to help save our planet, we must seize this opportunity and use it actively. One of the ways we can help protect our environment is by choosing the right bathroom lighting fixtures.

There was a time when incandescent bulbs lit up every room in our house. With the advent of fluorescent units, many people better reserve incandescent units for the bathroom area. Using these lights in the bathroom is understandable. This is because they can give off a warm glow that makes the trip to the bathroom pleasant and relaxing.

But did you know that by replacing these incandescent bulbs, you can help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce global warming? Yes, that is correct. As you can see, using incandescent lamps is not energy efficient. These objects are illuminated by passing an electric current through their metallic threads, which heats them until they glow. What has been discovered is that only 10% of the energy is used to illuminate this product while 90% of the energy is lost as heat. This is just a huge waste of electrical power. It understands that electricity production is a major source of greenhouse gases and these gases are derived from emissions from power plants. By choosing not to use more incandescent bulbs, you’ve conveniently conserved a significant amount of wasted energy and directed it to use it to power your other devices.

On the market these days, there are many energy-efficient bathroom lighting fixtures that you can choose from. They come with CFL or compact fluorescent lights. CFLs are better options as they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs to produce light. Plus, it lasts 10 times longer. Then you can install these lights in recessed lights, track lights, and wall sconces. (

Another great source of energy-saving lights that are beneficial to the planet is LED lighting. You can use this for your lighting needs. With its soft glow, you can also wear it for nightwear. LED bathroom lighting fixtures are great because they are cool and do not cause heat build-up. In addition, no mercury or toxic substance is used in its manufacture, it uses much less energy and lasts up to 15 times longer compared to incandescent units.