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How to Choose Lighting Solutions for Different Rooms

Of all the value additions any home can have, good lighting tops the list. Besides simplifying life, ample lighting creates a more homely effect. Here are some tips choose the best lighting for different rooms.

  1. The living room: Layer it out
    The living room is where the whole household meets to discuss private affairs, watch TV, or play fun games. Of course, most of these activities happen at night when everyone is home. in that case, the layering light strategy works pretty well instead of recessed downlights. Use bouncing light to make your living room feel warmer and brighter. Alternatively, if you have a tv stand or fireplace, install a linear fluorescent behind it.
  2. The kitchen- Augment your lighting
    Preparing food and cleaning are two functions that the kitchen executes. Perhaps you’ve designated your kitchen as your go-to place for gossip. Whatever the case, ensure you get ambient lighting. You can start by adding linear fluorescent on top of the counter because that is the one place you cut all your vegetables.

If you’ve been keen on modern kitchen architecture, you’ll realize that most sinks are at the window. The primary goal is to allow natural light into the room. Take advantage of the natural light by adding under-cabinet lighting.

  1. The bathroom- light both sides of the mirror
    The last thing anyone needs is seeing their shadow while taking a shower in the bathroom. It is a common thing that happens when lighting is mounted to the ceiling. To prevent shadow formation, consider lighting both sides of the mirror.
  2. Bedroom- tone it down
    After working hard or studying all day, the only place you intend to unwind and relax in the bedroom. The last thing you want is to feel like your bedroom lighting solution feels like a club or lecture hall. If you like to read before bedtime, invest in a headlamp. The primary goal is to prevent the walls from reflecting light.

While there isn’t a manual for the perfect lighting for different rooms, ensuring your room lighting matches your needs is essential. The next time you want to choose a lighting solution, consider these four tips.